What People Say

“Tammy is an exceptional woman, teacher and DJ both on and off the floor. I encourage you all to experience the grounded, soft, wild dancing space that she has created on Thursday mornings and Friday nights.” ~ Jonathan Horan, Director of The Moving Center School New York

“I’ve been dancing with Tammy for over five years now (one rhythm for each year!). She truly has a gift not only how to lead the 5 rhythms on the dance floor but also on how to make movement relevant in our day-to-day lives. A powerful woman who can be delicate with beginners, inspire break-throughs with the advanced and forge memorable lasting experiences.”~ Greg Miller, Director, Dance Parade Inc. and OurMed.org

“I felt safe and taken care of so I wasn’t afraid to go wherever the journey might lead…There was a moment during chaos when I experienced a part of me I didn’t even know was there…Tammy showed a quiet, non-pushy sort of power. It was another way I felt taken care of.” ~ workshop participant

“Fantastic Wave with Tammy at 5Rhythms tonight, we soared high like Eagles, dove deep and playful like a pod of Dolphins!” ~ class participant

“Tammy, I wanted to tell you how amazing your class was on Sunday – truly profound, truly deep. You are such a talented teacher, as I found myself lost and found, safe in the space you created; open, alive and body-rocked to the shared experience. Thank you, thank you.” ~ class participant

“Totally in the groove after riding an incredibly wild Wave last night, what you give out, comes back a thousand fold!!! You are a magic woman Tammy!!!” ~ class participant

“Tammy is a wonderful teacher who holds warm, deep, and inviting space for all to dance in.” ~ Rebecca Tuffey, certified Alexander Technique instructor

“Last night was such a beautiful, deep, powerful, luscious dance ceremony. Thank you!” ~ class participant

“For me the class on Friday was a great experience. Partly it was the fun of dancing, it was feeling connections with other dancers and it was progressively feeling more comfortable in my own skin.” ~ Doug Fox http://greatdance.com/mtadmin/mt-tb.cgi/1602

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