Well!  I just looked up my own web-site and saw that I had not updated said web-site for a year!

Now this doesn’t mean I haven’t done anything over the past year.  In fact this has been one (actually two) of the busiest, most challenging, and brightest years of my life to date!

Over the past two years I have had the great joy and joyous challenge of being on the teaching staff of not one, but two, 5Rhythms® Teacher Trainings.  I have seen 103 new 5Rhythms (2014) teachers step out onto their individual paths of the teaching, and am gearing up to re-meet the current 39 trainees for their second module of the training in November in Zagreb.

In December, 2014 my husband Jason and I left Manhattan for Brooklyn (I can’t say without looking back frequently – at least for me) but as time goes by I am dropping into a rhythm with traveling over bridges and thru tunnels (as opposed to being an inner island dweller who bi-pedded everywhere).   The wonders of both Prospect Park and the Botanical Gardens are great replacements for Hudson River Park although I still miss the river itself rising and falling, racing by with oceanic intent right outside my door-step.

The move was more aggravating, enervating, and anxiety producing than I could have imagined.  If Jason had not done the bulk of the packing (I did do a great deal of the unpacking) I don’t think the move would have been completed.  I would still be sitting in the middle of the room surrounded by empty boxes glacially dancing inertia while the new tenants lived around me, and Jason was ensconced with our cats in our new place.

Discovering an adversarial relationship with moving was not a surprise (I moved 18 times before I was 17 so I have a lot of baggage around moving homes); but, it was bemusing considering that I spend a great deal of my life encouraging others to move.  The 5Rhythms map gave me a context for where I was in the process but I can’t say it was a Flowing experience. It demanded a great deal of applied Staccato, and did result in a tremendous amount of Chaos.  And, as I’ve learned to not expect, but to trust in, Lyrical did arrive (see above re Parks and Gardens, and cats), and Stillness permeates our airy and open space.

I am traveling more than ever, teaching workshops locally and internationally (you can always find my upcoming offerings on the 5Rhythms web-site) and this is both exciting and fulfilling, and taking me far from my spacious, new kitchen where (when I am home) I am fully immersed in culinary Waves to my delight and disappointment.  (Ah Chaos reigns in all things – two sides to everything, and then there’s the bliss where they merge in the middle emerges as Lyrical … rosewater ice cream with the perfect amount of floral notes.)

Of course, I continue to hold the Friday Night Waves space in NYC (moving out of the work-week and into the weekend at the Joffrey since 2003), as well as filling in for Jonathan Horan at his Tuesday night High Vibration Waves, and Sunday Sweat Your Prayers.

Night Waves is every Friday in NYC (and if I happen to be out of town enjoy the space as it is held by one or another of my wonderful colleagues):  Sept. 18: Peter Fodera, Sept. 25: Kierra Foster-Ba.

Join me, subbing for Jonathan on:

Tuesday, August 18: High Vibration Waves

Tuesday, Sept. 1: High Vibration Waves

Tuesday, Sept. 15: High Vibration Waves

Sunday, Oct. 11: Sweat Your Prayers

Tuesday, Oct. 27: High Vibration Waves

Also, here’s a quick reminder of the remainder of my workshops for 2015:

Sept. 20-21, Dusseldorf, Germany: Heartbeat: Beginnings, Middles, and Ends. To register contact: zen-dance@t-online.de

Sept. 25-27, London, England: Faint of Heart.  To register contact: jason.rowe@hotmail.com

Dec. 11-13, New York City: Rhythms in Waves.  To register contact: tmcny@5rhythms.com

2016 is setting up to be an even more expansive year than 2015 as I move into teaching the 5Rhythms Cycles map.  After a long apprenticeship to Jonathan Horan I will teach my first Cycles workshop in Chicago, April 27 thru May 1.   And, of course, my apprenticeship continues, always returning to my teacher’s dance floors to continue to explore my own life cycles, my ancestral roots and wings, and to learn how to teach more fully, more effectively, more truthfully, and more lovingly with every dance.

My 2016 schedule is not completely set yet but there will be workshops added over the next few months in addition to Chicago – Boston, Amsterdam, Israel, NYC … drop me a line (tammy@tammyburstein.com)  if you’d like to explore having me share the 5Rhythms with your community.

As both a certified and accredited 5Rhythms teacher all the classes and workshops that I offer count towards prerequisite hours towards 5Rhythms Teacher Trainings.

Here’s what I currently offer:

Waves workshops: “The Dancing Path begins with Waves: the foundation and fundamentals of the practice. There is a spiritual force driving our dance that strips us to our naked soul, a force that allows us to be the dancer rather than do the dance. This force is unleashed by the 5Rhythms into an energetic language that reveals us to ourselves in action, alone, together and as a tribe.” (5Rhythms.com)  No previous experience necessary.

Waves: an introduction to the 5Rhythms.  (for beginners.)

Being Chaos:  the practice of the art of releasing with Chaos into and with the wild waves of being alive in all of our humanness and being humane in all of our Chaos.

Easy Being:  an investigation of effort and effortless and how to dance effortlessly with both struggle and bliss.

Fluent in Motion:  a course in embodied communication as led by the 5Rhythms.

Light & Shadow:  a inquisitive dance with the shadow side of the 5Rhythms and how we can  illuminate the gifts that lie hidden in the shadow of each rhythm and move into and with our light.

Peace by Peace: Wholistic Practice:  an embodied meditation on the pieces of ourselves that make up the whole, and an embodied celebration of the whole that is made up of those unified pieces.

Rhythms and Waves:  inside each Rhythm there are endless Waves waiting to be released. in this workshop our deeper awareness expands our relationship with each Rhythm – the ones we love, and the ones we resist – on the dance floor and in our lives.

Wave and Ocean: an investigation of where we connect and where we lose touch, where we partner and where we part, where we separate and where we are one.

Waves: From Start to Starting Over:  a basic Waves workshop for all bodies, to start or start over; a to begin, ignite, and re-kindle a love affair with the Wave and with ourselves.

Heartbeat workshops: “In Heartbeat we explore our emotions as energy, as power, as part of being human. Old feelings that have been locked in our limbs or caged in our chest begin to shake loose. We get comfortable with feelings, neither hanging onto them nor pushing them away.” (5Rhythms.com) Prerequisite: 12 Hours of Waves experience, or one weekend Waves workshop.

Heartbeat:  a journey through the basic Heartbeat map, moving with the shape, breath and locomotion of our emotions.

Heartbeat: Beginnings, Middles, and Ends:  an exploration of our process of meeting, moving, and completing our emotional encounters.

Expansive Heart:  a 5 Day Heartbeat Intensive:  5 days of moving with five wise teachers of love – our fear, our anger, our sorrow, our joy, our compassion, inside and out, with love.

Faint of Heart: an embodied exploration of how we are moved by Fear and how Fear moves us. as we investigate our relationship to how we receive and respond to Fear in our lives and all of our emotions.

Light of Heart: exploring the ecstasy of being an emotional being; embodying the lightness in all that we touch and all that touches us.

Cycles workshops: “Cycles is an up close and personal look at our own lives, our birth, our upcoming death and everything and everyone between. We make connections, reweave threads, let go of the hurt and humiliations. We get real. We honor the people and events that have shaped who we are and the challenges and gifts they left us with and reinvent our inherited self into somebody we truly want to be.” (5Rhythms.com)  Prerequisite: minimum of one basic Heartbeat workshop.

Cycles:  a 5 Day investigation into being connected to past, present in now, and open to possibility as we move with the shape, rhythms, and breath of the five life cycles, birth, childhood, adolescence, maturity, and death.  (Note: Cycles offerings are limited in number annually, and are arranged in conjunction with 5Rhythms Global.)

Well – that’s what you get when you hold on to things for too long – a flood of words.  Time to dance!  with love, tammy


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