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Gratitude 2013 – NYC – Friday evening, Nov. 29
Whether we see right on the surface how much we have to give thanks for, or we have to dig down deep below the surface to find the momentum to move with gratitude – please join us for Gratitude 2013-Night Waves – to be led by the 5Rhythms® to dance with ritual thanks for that which has been, that which is, and that which will be.
This special 3 hour event will benefit (as it has for so many years) our adopted 5Rhythms® elders in Bogota, Colombia, just one of the many world-wide communities that are sparked into motion by the 5Rhythms Reach Outtm . [NOTE: There IS a regular Night Waves class on Friday, Nov. 22 at the Joffrey  (7.30-9.30pm, $20, $15–students); and, regular Night Waves resumes on Friday, Dec. 6 at the Joffrey ((7.30-9.30pm, $20, $15–students)]
The cost of the event is $30, $20 (students) – price includes a $5 minimum donation to the elders to continue to support providing them with on-going 5Rhythms® classes. (Class card holders may use one class from their card and add a minimium of $5 for the donation.)
434 6th Av.e, 5th Flr.
This is an open event – preregistration is not required.
For more info contact: Gratitude 2013 – NYC

Thank you all for being part of this global 5Rhythms® tribe, feet first, heart forward, mind opened, soulfully joining in spirit around our mother earth.


Gratitude 2013 – Charlottesville, VA – Nov. 30 & Dec. 1

Gratitude runs in our veins, drops from our sweat, and follows in our footsteps.  Join us for this post-Thanksgiving workshop, Gratitude 2013-Charlottesville, one in which we will follow the 5Rhythms® as our map to gratefulness for all that we receive, all that we give, all that we create, and all that has created us.  We’ll give appreciation a body to dance with, a heart to offer from, and a path to bring into our everyday lives.
Saturday, Nov. 30, 6.30pm-9pm
Sunday, Dec. 1, 11am-5pm
Fry’s Spring Beach Club
Cost: $125. (Saturday night only: $35)
Click to register online.  [NOTE: There is a slight fee to register online.]
For more info contact:  Ann Kite: email or call: 434-989-4841


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ever notice how many ways we describe life through the body?

“all in the head.” “shoulder the load.” “elbowed out of the way” “give a hand”. “the back bone of it all.” “joined at the hip.” “knee deep.”

go out on a limb. get your foot in the door. your heart on your sleeve. your soul on the dance floor. (with love.)

Night Waves – NYC – every Friday in NYC at the Joffrey, 434 6th Ave., 5th Flr., $20 ($15 students).  Class cards: 10 for $150, 20 for $250.  Love – infinite.

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Nothing to prove. Nothing to perfect. Nothing to presume.
Everything to dance. Everything to be. Everything to love.

NYC – Night Waves – Every Friday night, Joffrey, 434 6th Ave., 5th Flr, 7.30-9.30PM, $20, $15 (students).

Class cards: 10 for $150,  20 for $250.

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