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Join me June 23, 2011 in Antwerp, Belgium and June 24-26, 2011 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands for two new workshops: FLUENT IN MOTION and WAVE AND OCEAN.

Fluent in Motion

June 23, 2011 – Antwerp, Belgium – 7.30pm-10pm
Cost: 25 Euros

Gabrielle Roth’s 5Rhythms® is a moving language that frees us to speak straight from the heart, beyond dialect, dogma, or doubt. With the simple clarity and endless creativity of a body in motion, we learn to connect more fully to the one and to the all. A crash course in the practice of embodied communication, we will learn the basics, expand our vocabulary, and practice being fluent in motion.

Wave and Ocean: Dances of Connection

June 24-26, 2011 – Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Cost: Friday only – 25 Euros / Full weekend – 165 Euros

“You cannot conceive the many without the one.” – Plato

Does a wave know itself as separate from all other waves? Or, does a wave only know itself as the ocean? In this workshop we’ll focus our attention on our dances of connection (and separation). Join us as we dance to discover where we connect and where we lose touch, where we partner and where we part; and, how we can move more fully into being both wave and ocean. We’ll ride Gabrielle Roth’s 5Rhythms® Wave to discover how we can be our own best partner, how we can be present for ourselves while being attentive to someone else; and, how we can be one of many, part of the whole, and the sum of all our collective parts. As both wave and ocean we will dance our way to a fresher, deeper and more loving understanding of our dances of connection: with ourselves, the other, the tribe.

“… the ocean connects every wave to every other wave, dissolving isolation…” – Dean Sluyter, The Zen Commandments

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