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Join me in St. Augustine, Florida, January 19-21, 2011 for Heart’s Content, a 5rhythms® Heartbeat workshop.

When I began to practice the 5Rhythms® I was thrilled, delighted, excited and seduced by the sheer joy of being in motion.  As I fell more and more in love with being danced I became increasingly aware that my evolving dances were the mirror of my emotions. I began to crave excavating the dances of my heart, putting into motion the fear in my bones, the anger in my blood, the sorrow in my sighs.

To embody my growing awareness that hanging on to happy was getting in the way of my being joy. And that it was this ever deepening dance that would give me the tools to live in love.

I hope you’ll join me as we try on our dances of the heart, one step at a time, with humor, compassion and hope.

~ Tammy

To register contact Carol Sussman by email or call 352-318-0203.

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