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Join me to inaugurate a new studio on Thursday, December 30th, create a moving finish to 2010 on Friday, December 31st, and begin the mystery of 2011 on Saturday, January 1st, 2011.

Thursday, December 30th, Waves, 11AM-12.30PM.  Be there as we warm-up to our new Thursday morning home and as we invite that new home to warm-up to us.  An opportunity to practice presence in the light of day, to practice awareness within the trance of presence, and to be transformed, informed, and set free into the lightness of being.  Actors Movement Studio, 302 W. 37th St., 6th Flr. (just west of 8th Ave.).  $15, $10 for students. (Please arrive no later than 11.30AM.  We have the great gift of being the only occupants of the floor but to insure our privacy there can be no entry to after 11.30AM for the duration of the class.)

Friday, December 31st, Night Waves – Special New Year’s Eve edition, 7.30PM-9.30PM.  Come create a ritual end (before the habitual end) to 2010.  Join us to dance in, out and through;  tender to the touch, softened by the beat, bathed in sweat, ready to rise up for a new year, free to be …  Joffrey Ballet School, 434 6th Ave., 5th Flr. (near 10th St.).  $20, $15 for students.

Saturday, January 1st, 2011, Wakeup Call for the New Year, 1PM-3PM. A chance to dance out to the possibility of new beginnings, in the light of day, with an open heart, led by the wisdom of the 5Rhythms, from our bones, beat and breath.  Come dance your foundation for the new mystery of us all. Joffrey Ballet School, 434 6th Ave., 5th Flr. (near 10th St.).  $20, $15 for students.

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The circle comes around again, light to dark, end to beginning, and through it all we’ve shared so many dance floors, in classes and workshops, from the heart, following the wisdom of our moving centers into the belly of love and the arms of compassion.

Thank you for a year of long existing classes, new and wonderous workshops, collective generosity, and ever-expanding artistic action in the many dances we call life.

Below and on the Workshops page you’ll find listed upcoming class changes, wokshop listings, and information about Gabrielle Roth’s newest offering, 5Rhythms Reach Out™.

The close of 2010 and the opening of 2011 hold changes, opportunities, expansions and adventures for us all; I look forward to experiencing all or some of these possibilities with you as we continue to engage and explore with each other, led by the creative and healing force that is Gabrielle Roth’s 5Rhythms®.

Happy Holidays, with love, with peace,

~ Tammy

Thursday Morning Waves

Since May, 2002, this class has continued in the light of day in that beautiful sun-filled studio some of us know so well, the studio where many of you had your first 5Rhythms class, where some of you shot your teacher training videos, and where I have learned so much about the art and heart of teaching the 5Rhythms.  It is with deep melancholy that I announce that the studio is closing at the end of this year. Our last two classes in the space will be on Thursday, Dec. 16 and Thursday, Dec. 23.  Pleae join us at these classes to give thanks and say farewell to the space that has held us with so much love.  With the clarity of heart that to continue our Thursday morning Waves work we need a warm, intimate. light-filled environment, I am thrilled to announce that class will relocate on Dec. 30 at 11AM to the Actors Movement Studio, 302 W. 37th St., 6th Flr.

On-going Classes: Friday Nights  – Continuity & Opportunities!

It is with great pleasure that I remind us that Friday Night Waves class will continue every Friday night throughout the end of the year and on into the new year at our regular time (7.30-9.30PM and in our wonderful space (434 6th Ave., 5th Flr.) for our regular price, $20, $15 students, Including:

Christmas Eve: No presents just presence.  Donations will be accepted for the 5Rhythms Reach Out if you are so moved.

New Year’s Eve:  Join us for a ritual end (before the habitual end).

New Year’s Day: 1/1/11 @ 1PM:   Awake up call for the new year.

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A Five Part Series w/ Amber Ryan & Tammy Burstein in Miami

5 Waves to Freedom is a five part series to ground, root and set flight to your practice of Gabrielle Roth’s 5Rhythms®. The movement language of this practice will give us new ways to see and feel ourselves in the world we move through. We invite you to join our growing Miami 5Rhythms community as we surrender more fully to each Wave of energy as it passes through us, opening up the space to increased awareness, clarity, creativity, possibility, and depth. Join us for all or any sessions of this dynamic offering.

“It takes discipline to be a free spirit.” — Gabrielle Roth

January 15th: Flowing & Staccato with Amber Ryan, 2-7pm
First: Connect to your sacred ground. Then: Dance with the fire in your belly.

February 19th: Chaos, Lyrical, & Stillness with Tammy Burstein, 2-7pm
Continue: Release into the unpredictable, dance your soul uncovered, and become spirit in motion.

March 26th: Light & Shadow with Amber Ryan, 2-7pm
Dive beneath the surface, find what hides us in our own shadows, and bring our self to light.

April 23rd: Wave & Ocean with Tammy Burstein, 12-5pm
Dance to discover where we connect and where we lose touch, where we partner and where we part, when we are ocean and when we are wave.

May 21st: Breath of the One with Amber Ryan, 12-5pm
Arrive into the breathful blissful beat of the one, to become a harmonious part of the whole, a courageous interconnected offering, where we seamlessly shift between

Contact: Amber Ryan at or at 917.558.6472
Join us on Facebook at 5Rhythms Florida

Cost: $255 for the whole series if paid in full by January 14th
$55 per workshop if pre-paid
$65 per workshop at the door
Location: Inkub8 at 2021 NW 1st Place, Miami, Fl. 33127

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Why would I take a workshop again?

Every time we revist material that we have moved with before, whether it is in our regular class practice or when we repeat a workshop, we nurture our on-going relationship with being in the  moment, with being fluid and accepting of what has moved and what may not have moved since the last time we surrendered to following any of the 5Rhythms maps.

We allow ourselves to be fascinated by how our journeys on the dance floor change in perspective the second, third, tenth, [fill in your number here] time around.  14 years of practice have me continuing to drop in to to ever more active flowing, recognizing and moving through my resistance to what is, waking up to how my anger is evolving into a tool that serves.

I remain spell-bound at the wealth of unknown treasure that exists in exploring the dances of partnership, the mystery in my elbows, and the gift of not knowing, to name a few reasons we may return to a class or workshop over and over again.  Because, to inelegantly paraphrase Gabrielle from her and Jonathan’s recent Bone Cycle workshop, the 5Rhythms is a practice and every-time, no matter how many times we may have practiced before, is the first time.

I’m going to [choose any place on the planet].  Do you know if there are any classes there?

Yes!  And you can too by going to the 5Rhythms Global web-site.  Once you’re there click on Schedules in the left-hand menu bar and click on the “Search” link.  You’ll be able to search by class or workshop, geographic location, dates, and specific teachers.

To view complete information about any listing click on the class or workshop name.  As the community of teachings grows this is more and more the best way to find out about the wide and wild variety of possibilities for practice on our growing global dance floor.

Have other questions?

Click here to drop me a line.  Let’s see what answers we can find!

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